Track & Trace Parcel

Receive a individual monitoring URL to track shipments from S.F. Express, Easy Way, Intelcom Express, CSE, Sagawa Global or any other express.

Maintained Services

This parcel tracking website maintains about 376 couriers, including TMM Express, Caribou, Hermes Borderguru, LWE, Shadowfax and etc.

Order Information

Receive quick information regarding status updates of the order via Twitter, E-mail, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp and others.

Track & Trace PL tracking codes

Parcel codes set (LX000000005PL - LX099999996PL)

Parcel codes set (LX100000003PL - LX299999991PL)

Parcel codes set (LX200000006PL - LX499999997PL)

Parcel codes set (LX300000009PL - LX699999992PL)

Parcel codes set (LX400000001PL - LX899999998PL)